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Hi, writer! I'm [ profile] nausicaa. If you're not a letter person, I'm 100% fine with you skipping all of this, provided my hard DNWs are respected (namely: no rape/non-con, no gaslighting, and no descriptions of self-harm and/or disordered eating).

I have a handy list of likes and dislikes! Please do not feel like you need to limit yourself to stuff on my likes, though, or to the prompts below. This is mainly in case you're like "wow, I have no idea what to write," or "hmm, I wonder if she'd like this telepathic time-travelling werewolf fic?" (The answer to that question is always a firm yes, for the record.)

Things I love:

  • tropes: soulmate-identifying marks (my fave!), time travel, groundhog day/time loops, bodyswap, snowed in/trapped together, heists, road trips, fake/undercover dating

  • AUs: canon divergence, daemons, role-reversal AUs

  • friendships and relationships: found families, totally-requited secret pining, UST, firsts, slightly unhealthy co-dependent us-against-the-world relationships

  • supernatural things: dreamsharing (also my fave!), ghosts, magical mishaps, werewolves, telepathy, soul bonding, myths and legends, prophecies, divination, all things paranormal and otherworldly

  • fiction types: epistolary fic, interactive fiction, five things fic, worldbuilding, fic written as an in-universe piece of fiction or non-fiction (think The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy's excerpts from the guide itself, or Varric's novels in Dragon Age)*

  • misc: happy (or at least hopeful) endings

  • Things I'm not into:

  • kinks: a/b/o, BDSM, age regression, ageplay, humiliation, graphic torture, scat, mpreg, bestiality

  • AUs: mundane AUs*, modern AUs, BDSM or D/s AUs

  • relationships: underage characters/adult characters, character/reader fic

  • fiction types: crossovers,** reader fic

  • misc: non-canonical character death, abuse, animal harm, character bashing, unrequested criticism of characters, endings that are totally unhappy and not even a little hopeful

  • * With regards to "mundane AUs" -- I'm mainly not interested in characters with powers/supernatural abilities being written without those aspects. I'm fine with things like coffee shop AUs if the characters maintain their supernatural sides.

    ** I'm not into crossovers with characters from different canons interacting, but I do really enjoy fusions! So if you want to write characters from one canon in another canon's setting, feel free.

    Things that do not affect my enjoyment of a fic:

  • porn, or the absence thereof

  • whether it's shipfic or gen

  • how high or low the rating is

  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person POV

  • the tense of the fic

  • word count

  • (Seriously, for all of these, write whatever you're most comfortable with, because I really, truly have no preference!)

    Okay, with that out of the way -- on to fandoms!

    blackwell series )

    dungeons and dragons )

    galavant )

    stand still stay silent )

    strange frame: love & sax )

    we know the devil )

    I hope that at least some of that was helpful! Please, above all else, have fun writing! ♥
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    Yuletide was so good to me! I got a fabulous Blue/Gansey fic, A Kiss to End All Curses, and it is SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT. ♥

    I also had a lovely, reasonably chill birthday (a few friends and a lot of snacks and shitty Paul Bettany movies and DS9, which at this point is basically the plot summary of every birthday I have), and a great Christmas, and now I'm so excited to HIBERNATE catch up on a little sleep.

    I'm trying to think of other things to post about, but all I've got is STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS. So, like... Star Wars happened, I loved it, come talk to me about it. :D?
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    Dear Yuletide Writer,

    Hello, and thank you in advance! I'm [ profile] nausicaa and I am, as always, ridiculously excited for Yuletide! I've put together this post in case you're like me and love reading letters, but won't be at all bothered if you skip it altogether.

    Things I love:
  • time travel, groundhog day, bodyswap, snowed in/trapped together stories, heists, road trips, fake/undercover dating

  • found families, totally-requited secret pining, UST, firsts, slightly unhealthy co-dependent us-against-the-world relationships

  • magical mishaps, werewolves, dreamsharing, telepathy, soul bonding, myths and legends, prophecies, all things paranormal and otherworldly

  • soulmate-identifying marks, canon divergence, daemon AUs, role-reversal AUs, space AUs

  • epistolary stories, casefic, interactive fiction, five things fic, holiday stories

  • happy (or at least hopeful) endings

  • DNWs:
  • rape/noncon, major character death (though obviously from my fandoms, canon ghosts are great), descriptions of disordered eating and/or self-harm, abuse

  • A/B/O, D/s universes, age regression, ageplay, humiliation, mpreg, scat, bestiality, torture

  • AUs aside from those mentioned in the "Things I love" section

  • crossovers

  • Don't worry about limiting yourself to anything on my likes!

    Other things:
  • I read across all ratings, so please don't feel compelled to either include or avoid NSFW stuff! Whatever you'd like is fine. I do prefer non-PWP fic; that said, I'm totally fine with PWPs when the sex is paired with one of the tropes I've listed in my likes.

  • Ships and gen are both awesome and I will happily read either/both! I like femslash, het, and slash but am just as happy with gen, I promise. That said, if I've requested characters who are explicitly in a relationship in canon (specifically: Parker and Naia), I'd rather not see them broken up, though I'm fine with their relationship not being the focus.

  • Past tense and present tense are both fine by me!

  • I've included prompts for each fandom in case you'd like a starting point, but please don't feel you need to stick to those. I'm not committed to them in the slightest -- feel free to play loosely with them, change them, or ignore them entirely.

    strange frame: love & sax )

    blackwell series )

    the ghost and mrs. muir (1947) )

    raven cycle - maggie stiefvater )

    That's about it! Letters for other years and exchanges can be found here, if you're interested. Thank you again! I can't wait to see what you write.
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    Yuletide reveals: I wrote 'cause hopeless isn't true (Hawksley Workman's Treeful of Starling) -- I was so, so happy to write fic about this album, you have no idea. I caught a show when he was touring for that album and it was one of the brightest spots during a tough time for me, and listening to those songs now always brings back a little of that brightness, and it turns out that writing about them does the same. ♥

    And, for a Madness treat, I wrote hallo, Yuletide writer (The Vestibules' Zalgon 26 McGee skit), because apparently I can't get enough of writing for tiny Canadian things. :D (And because, I mean, Zalgon 26 McGee.)


    Happy new year, also! 2014 was Not My Best Year, but I ended it with my bff and her family, eating delicious food and poking holes in the science of The 100 (and then delightedly watching more of it), and then with some of my other friends, playing Catchphrase and laughing at some of the Newfoundland town names that came up during the local station's new year's greetings. (Who names a town Eric?) So it was a nice end to a not-so-nice year, and as always, I'm hopeful for this one.

    Oh! I'm possibly starting classes again on Monday, because a) I'm incapable of not yo-yoing between being a dropout, b) I'm miraculously still down as being a registered student and don't need to reapply, c) I realized I only need 13 courses to graduate, and that's totally doable in a year, and d) if nothing else, it'll get rid of the gap in my resume (and probably, y'know, look better than 'yeah I never finished, again, yolo I guess'). I still haven't made a decision -- that'll come in the eleventh hour, I expect, once I have another look at financial stuff -- but ugh if I don't get to take this one ancient Israel course I will proooobably cry.

    I think that's all that's happening in my life, aside from frantically trying to create a decent selection of things I can sell at the con in April. :D: Also: video games. So many video games. One of my resolutions for this year is to only play through one save of each game I own, start to finish -- I'm not allowed to create new characters until I've done everything in a game, because I keep abandoning my progress in favour of making shiny new OCs. /o\ I'm excited to do a new Dragon Age playthrough, though, especially since I can right all the wrongs I made in my Keep state so I never have THAT ONE AWFUL CHOICE ever again. (That one. You know the one.)
    nausikaa: (meaning to write) my "I'm going to post here about Dragon Age!" thing turned into "I've been too emotionally devastated by my own poor Dragon Age decisions to chronicle them," oops. Basically: hi, flist, I've been in a Dragon Age cave of emotions for a month, broken only by the holidays and (more importantly) Yuletide! Which means IT IS REC TIME, oh yes.

    First up is my gift, which was amazing: Who You Gonna Call? - ~4400 words of Brooklyn Nine-Nine casefic, in which they are UNDERCOVER GHOSTBUSTERS. Pretty much all I've ever wanted out of a B99 fic (or any fic in general, tbh). The dialogue is perfect to the point where I'm like, remembering scenes from it and thinking, that was an episode, right?

    I also got a fantastic treat: soft as a siren - ~1300 words of fic based around the Hush Sound's 'Lighthouse,' and seriously, you guys, when I wrote my letter I never specified exactly what I like about psychological horror, so I'm truly amazed that this writer managed to hit every single button I have in that genre. If you want to be creeped out in the best possible way, this is the story for you.

    A few other recs:

    Tactical Disadvantage - Blue Beetle, Jaime/Brenda/Paco, ~3700 words. Super-cute fumbling towards an ot3; very funny and sweet and spot-on character voices.

    From Just One Spark - Fast & Furious 6, Gisele/Han, ~3100 words. Awesome post-movie fix-it fic! :DDDD

    Desperately Seeking Spielberg - Guardians of the Galaxy, gen, ~1600 words. Peter tells the crew more tales of Kevin Bacon, and other assorted earth heroes (Marty McFly!)

    don't shake it (to the beat) - Nancy Drew video games, gen, ~2300 words. If you have ever played these games (or read a Nancy Drew book, or played any hidden object game for that matter) you will enjoy this.

    When There's Nothing Left to Burn - Nimona, Ballister/Goldenloin, ~18500 words. Post-canon fic of my HEART, aughhhhh.

    The Frantic Chase, The Crazy Ride - Road to El Dorado, gen, ~2400 words. Really charming Miguel and Tulio meet-cute, involving prison breaks and shenanigans (as all meet-cutes should).

    We Shall Never Lack the Means of Life - Spiders Georg + Dracula, Renfield/Spiders Georg, ~1800 words. I'm dying, you guys, this is fabulous.

    Snowbound - X-23, Laura/Jubilee, ~2600 words. Confessing feelings while trapped in a snowstorm is one of my favourite tropes, and this is one of my favourite pairings, and this is just perfect, ahhhh.

    I still have so much to read, ahh!


    Oct. 1st, 2014 03:44 pm
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    Hello, Yuletide writer! First things first: I'm nausicaa over at AO3. Next up: I'm firmly in the Optional Details Are Optional camp, so no worries if you want to give this letter a skip.

    A few other dnws: non-canonical character death (although if we matched on Lighthouse, don't worryy about it) or graphic depictions of gore, torture, or violence. I don't generally like unhappy endings, although again, I'm much more open to unhappiness where Lighthouse is concerned. I'm not really into PWPs, and I would rather not read anything in an a/b/o universe or a D/s or BDSM universe.

    Now that that's out of the way -- likes! Last year's list was "canonical or AU magic universes, worldbuilding, myths and legends, good things happening to good people, fluff, hurt/comfort, vampires, adventures, firsts," and all of that still stands! I also like gen and romance, paranormal stories, happy (or at least hopeful) endings, mysteries, the found family trope, silly adventures, pining, misunderstandings, bittersweet or wistful feelings that turn out okay in the end, epistolary stories, holidays, werewolves, science fiction, fantasy, five things fics, and witches, among other things.

    I've added some prompts for each fandom in case you need a jump-start, but if you've got a different direction you want to go in, ignore them, please! I'm excited to see what you write. :D

    Fandom specifics:

    strange frame )

    brooklyn nine-nine )

    lighthouse )

    scooby doo! mystery incorporated )

    That's it! I'm so excited to have you write for me, and I can't wait to read your fic. ♥

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