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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, and thank you in advance! I'm [ profile] nausicaa and I am, as always, ridiculously excited for Yuletide! I've put together this post in case you're like me and love reading letters, but won't be at all bothered if you skip it altogether.

Things I love:
  • time travel, groundhog day, bodyswap, snowed in/trapped together stories, heists, road trips, fake/undercover dating

  • found families, totally-requited secret pining, UST, firsts, slightly unhealthy co-dependent us-against-the-world relationships

  • magical mishaps, werewolves, dreamsharing, telepathy, soul bonding, myths and legends, prophecies, all things paranormal and otherworldly

  • soulmate-identifying marks, canon divergence, daemon AUs, role-reversal AUs, space AUs

  • epistolary stories, casefic, interactive fiction, five things fic, holiday stories

  • happy (or at least hopeful) endings

  • DNWs:
  • rape/noncon, major character death (though obviously from my fandoms, canon ghosts are great), descriptions of disordered eating and/or self-harm, abuse

  • A/B/O, D/s universes, age regression, ageplay, humiliation, mpreg, scat, bestiality, torture

  • AUs aside from those mentioned in the "Things I love" section

  • crossovers

  • Don't worry about limiting yourself to anything on my likes!

    Other things:
  • I read across all ratings, so please don't feel compelled to either include or avoid NSFW stuff! Whatever you'd like is fine. I do prefer non-PWP fic; that said, I'm totally fine with PWPs when the sex is paired with one of the tropes I've listed in my likes.

  • Ships and gen are both awesome and I will happily read either/both! I like femslash, het, and slash but am just as happy with gen, I promise. That said, if I've requested characters who are explicitly in a relationship in canon (specifically: Parker and Naia), I'd rather not see them broken up, though I'm fine with their relationship not being the focus.

  • Past tense and present tense are both fine by me!

  • I've included prompts for each fandom in case you'd like a starting point, but please don't feel you need to stick to those. I'm not committed to them in the slightest -- feel free to play loosely with them, change them, or ignore them entirely.

    strange frame: love & sax )

    blackwell series )

    the ghost and mrs. muir (1947) )

    raven cycle - maggie stiefvater )

    That's about it! Letters for other years and exchanges can be found here, if you're interested. Thank you again! I can't wait to see what you write.


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