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Yuletide Letter 2016!

Hi, writer! I'm [ profile] nausicaa. If you're not a letter person, I'm 100% fine with you skipping all of this, provided my hard DNWs are respected (namely: no rape/non-con, no gaslighting, and no descriptions of self-harm and/or disordered eating).

I have a handy list of likes and dislikes! Please do not feel like you need to limit yourself to stuff on my likes, though, or to the prompts below. This is mainly in case you're like "wow, I have no idea what to write," or "hmm, I wonder if she'd like this telepathic time-travelling werewolf fic?" (The answer to that question is always a firm yes, for the record.)

Things I love:

  • tropes: soulmate-identifying marks (my fave!), time travel, groundhog day/time loops, bodyswap, snowed in/trapped together, heists, road trips, fake/undercover dating

  • AUs: canon divergence, daemons, role-reversal AUs

  • friendships and relationships: found families, totally-requited secret pining, UST, firsts, slightly unhealthy co-dependent us-against-the-world relationships

  • supernatural things: dreamsharing (also my fave!), ghosts, magical mishaps, werewolves, telepathy, soul bonding, myths and legends, prophecies, divination, all things paranormal and otherworldly

  • fiction types: epistolary fic, interactive fiction, five things fic, worldbuilding, fic written as an in-universe piece of fiction or non-fiction (think The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy's excerpts from the guide itself, or Varric's novels in Dragon Age)*

  • misc: happy (or at least hopeful) endings

  • Things I'm not into:

  • kinks: a/b/o, BDSM, age regression, ageplay, humiliation, graphic torture, scat, mpreg, bestiality

  • AUs: mundane AUs*, modern AUs, BDSM or D/s AUs

  • relationships: underage characters/adult characters, character/reader fic

  • fiction types: crossovers,** reader fic

  • misc: non-canonical character death, abuse, animal harm, character bashing, unrequested criticism of characters, endings that are totally unhappy and not even a little hopeful

  • * With regards to "mundane AUs" -- I'm mainly not interested in characters with powers/supernatural abilities being written without those aspects. I'm fine with things like coffee shop AUs if the characters maintain their supernatural sides.

    ** I'm not into crossovers with characters from different canons interacting, but I do really enjoy fusions! So if you want to write characters from one canon in another canon's setting, feel free.

    Things that do not affect my enjoyment of a fic:

  • porn, or the absence thereof

  • whether it's shipfic or gen

  • how high or low the rating is

  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person POV

  • the tense of the fic

  • word count

  • (Seriously, for all of these, write whatever you're most comfortable with, because I really, truly have no preference!)

    Okay, with that out of the way -- on to fandoms!

    Blackwell Series (Video Games)

    Requested Characters: Lauren Blackwell, Joey Mallone

    Despite being very much a sunshine-and-rainbows person, sometimes I just crave a certain blend of heartbreak and melancholy. I love the whole series, but Blackwell Unbound -- and particularly Lauren -- hit that blend perfectly for me. Lauren's growing apathy and Joey's helplessness hurt me just right, you know? Forced proximity is a trope I like a lot in general, and it really works for me here because it makes everything so much more tense. I also love the blending of real world elements, like the inclusion of Gould and Mitchell, and the way even the little details tie into the larger world of the series.

    I'd love to see a story focused on Lauren and Joey and the relationship between them (whether that's romantic or platonic or anything under the sun, really). I'd prefer something set near the events of Unbound (so, somewhere in the early-to-mid 70s), unless you feel like going the other way altogether and figuring out some paranormal time-travel post-Epiphany hijinks.


  • Paranormal casefic is always right up my alley, whether the ghost being investigated is creepy as hell or more Georgie in variety.

  • What do the holidays look like when you're an increasingly nihilistic medium who lives with a ghost from the 1930s?

  • How does Joey deal with his new circumstances? (Sorry for the vagueness, but I'm trying to avoid huge spoilers. His circumstances at the end of Epiphany. You know the ones!) I mean, I have to imagine there's a bit of a learning curve.

  • ...I'm not going to lie, I wrote the words "paranormal time-travel post-Epiphany hijinks" above and then went "yeah, that goes on the prompt list." Basically, some post-series fix-it fic of some sort would be really cool.

  • Dungeons & Dragons (Roleplaying Game)

    Requested Characters: no characters nominated -- include whatever and whomever you want!

    Dungeons and Dragons is my happy place. I love good storytelling, and funny storytelling, and clever storytelling -- basically, I'm just really into storytelling, and D&D is very often my favourite place to find it. I'm also into stuff that lovingly pokes fun at the tropes that come up frequently in D&D, as well as straight-up retellings of funny moments from campaigns.

    This is an "I'm honestly down for anything" fandom for me. I love hearing stories about people's characters and campaigns, I love reading the stories in gamebooks, I love worldbuilding and exploration and ridiculous player ideas and cunning traps and creepy monsters.

    Any edition is fine, any campaign is fine, any world is fine. If you'd like to write about particular characters from gamebook stories, that's awesome! I'm an avid collector of the gamebooks, so chances are I'll recognize the characters, or at the very least I'll be able to read those stories before I read yours.

    Honestly, though, I'll be just as happy with stories about your own characters, stories about characters you've just made up, stories about monsters or other creatures, or stories with no characters at all -- if you want to write a story about the architectural history of a mage's college, I will read the hell out of it regardless.


  • Tell me the story of a very lucky natural 20, or a very unlucky critical miss!

  • Tell me about a character you've planned but never had a chance to play!

  • Are you a DM? Tell me an NPC's detailed backstory that you crafted with loving care, only for your players to kill them on sight or just never talk to them. Or about the town you spent an all-nighter drawing up, but your players decided "fuck that, let's go to the forest instead." Basically -- a cool thing you spent ages designing, but your players deigned to investigate.

  • If you're in the mood to write a ship, I'm always 1000% down for rivalmance stories involving paladins and evil (or neutral, or good but chaotic) characters who are forced to adventure together Because Reasons.

  • Galavant (TV)

    Requested Characters: Galavant, Isabella, Sidney

    I love this show so much! It's just so fun, and I love every single character on it. I've singled out Galavant, Isabella, and Sidney here. They're my OT3; if they're not yours, don't worry about it, because I will also be thrilled with Galavant/Isabella, Isabella/Sidney, or Sidney/Galavant, or with gen! Basically, I just love the dynamic between the three of them, and I'm sad that season 2 had them separated for so long and now it looks like (spoiler alert!) Sid's gone off for adventures with Gareth.

    I'm very fond of the tone of the show -- fun and cheerful and funny, even when the subjects are dark -- and am looking for something on that level of lightheartedness. I'm also very fond of literally every character on the show, so ideally I'd like something that's not super-critical of anyone, however much they might deserve that criticism.


  • Sid and Gareth's quest to save Madalena from herself goes poorly, and Galavant and Isabella have to mount a rescue mission.

  • Isabella and Galavant discover their kisses are still lacking. Sid offers advice! Or gallantly offers to help them practice.

  • Sid, hoping to help out with Isabella and Galavant's wedding, discovers a wedding planning book that Wormwood left behind when being kicked out of Hortensia. Unfortunately, it's a dark, dark evil wedding planning book, because of course it is, goddammit Wormwood.

  • Canon divergent AU where Isabella doesn't go back to her dollhouse prison after that disastrous conversation with Galavant, and instead goes back to Valencia to rescue Sid.

  • Stand Still Stay Silent

    Requested Characters: Emil Västerström, Lalli Hotakainen, Mikkel Madsen, Sigrun Eide

    Major, major DNW for this fandom: don't kill off Kitty, and don't focus heavily on canonical deaths, particularly of grandparents. Given the subject matter of the comic, I am totally fine with fic that deals in some way with animal death, off-screen death, the entire death of most of the world's population, etc etc, but I absolutely cannot handle fic focused on dead grandparents or pets at all.

    Okay, so I don’t think I've ever added a fandom after my letter went up before, but I honestly thought I wasn't going to get caught up on SSSS before signups closed. But I did! \o/

    Two big notes for this fandom -- I love everyone in the tank, and I'm totally fine with you a) including Tuuri, Reynir, and/or Kitty if you want (I'd have requested them all if I had more room), and b) treating this as "or" matching rather than "and" matching. Basically, don't feel obliged to fit all of my requested characters from this fandom into a fic if you don't want to, and don't worry that I'm going be annoyed if you include unrequested characters. As long as I'm getting fic about at least one expedition member, I'll be happy! :D

    What I love about this canon: it pushes my found family buttons so hard, and I also love all the language barrier stuff and how they get around it. Also, dreams and dream-sharing are my faaaaaavourite thing, and this comic is particularly good to me in that regard!

    Things I ship: honestly, if it's two (or more) humans from the tank, I'll read it. That said, I am very partial to Sigrun/Mikkel, Sigrun/Tuuri, Emil/Lalli, and Tuuri/Reynir.


  • Maybe non-mage characters somehow end up dreaming lucidly, and the mages need to figure it out? Or mage characters getting trapped in the dreamworld, and non-mages need to figure out how to rescue them?

  • Pacific Rim fusion -- who would be drift compatible and able to pilot the cattank jaeger?

  • Sigrun deliberately being careless in battle because she likes it when Mikkel patches her up.

  • Magic goes wrong somehow (maybe Reynir tries to make a rune that'll help them all communicate?) and now no one can understand what anyone is saying. Would Lalli be a little smug that they're all stuck in his situation now, or bothered by not even having Tuuri to talk to? Who would be the most freaked out? (I want to say Emil, but he'd be more used to being misunderstood than Tuuri or Sigrun.) How would they fix it?

  • Strange Frame: Love & Sax (2012)

    Requested Characters: Naia X., Parker C. Boyd

    Strange Frame has so many of my interests rolled up into one movie: a lesbian relationship, rich worldbuilding, messages sent through dreams, singing muses, AI shenanigans, and misfits on spacecrafts, to name a few. I wish it were an entire series -- I just want to see so much more of this world, and of Parker and Naia!

    I'd love anything exploring or expanding on this universe, especially post-canon. I requested Parker and Naia because I enjoy their relationship a lot -- Parker's against-all-odds determination to rescue Naia is so, so great. I'd be happy to see any of the movie's other characters make guest appearances, though!


  • Parker and Naia on the run. I'd imagine their lives aren't suddenly free of complications once Naia's free, after all.

  • Something from the movie seen from Naia's POV rather than Parker's (how they met, what she sees when she dreams, her rescue -- anything!) The bit that always gets me in this movie is Parker's dream sequence where Naia tells her something along the lines of I didn't leave you, I was taken from you, and I would love to see those feelings explored.

  • A post-canon encounter with the Muses would be cool -- I'm sure Parker and Naia could use a little guidance in the aftermath of everything.

  • Alternately, anything involving worldbuilding! This is such a cool universe and I'd love to see more of it. That said, I'd still like for Parker and Naia to be present in the fic!

  • We Know the Devil (Visual Novel)

    Requested Characters: Venus, Jupiter, Neptune

    Oof, what a great VN. I was shocked when I finished all the paths and saw my relatively low play time -- I'd gotten so involved in the story and characters that I felt like I'd been playing it my whole life, rather than just a couple of hours.

    I love so much about the game. Hailing god's frequency, the devil hiding between stations. The illusion of choice when someone more powerful has already made that choice for you. What it feels like when your body doesn't match who you are. And, in the midst of it all: these kids, getting tipsy on contraband alcohol, playing party games, stealing kisses in the dark, hating camp and everyone else and god and themselves, but not each other.

    I'd really like something that explores the feelings between these characters, and/or the concepts brought up in the game -- of what it means to be good, and how doing the "good" thing can be so, so unfair.


  • Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune meet for the first time.

  • There's a voice coming through on the radio. It isn't god, but it doesn't sound much like the devil, either.

  • The night's events as mythologized by others, in the way that summer camp urban legends tend to develop. Or the night's events as written by historians, folklorists, evangelists, clickbait writers -- "Three teens spent a night in a cabin. You'll never guess what happened next!" Basically, any outsider takes, whether it's a short article on those silly millennials, or it's an attempt to chronicle the end of the world.

  • There's room for three in the devil's world, and I love that. I'd love to see anything working from that idea as a starting (or ending) point.

  • I hope that at least some of that was helpful! Please, above all else, have fun writing! ♥