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chocolate box letter!

Hi, writer! I'm [ profile] nausicaa and I am, as always, way too excited about fandom exchanges. Consequently, this is the world's longest letter -- I promise, though, that I'm 100% fine with you skipping it, provided my hard DNWs are respected (namely: no rape/non-con, non-canonical character death, descriptions of self-harm and/or disordered eating, and abuse).

A handy table I have cribbed from my Yuletide letter:

Things I love:
  • time travel, groundhog day, bodyswap, snowed in/trapped together stories, heists, road trips, fake/undercover dating

  • found families, totally-requited secret pining, UST, firsts, slightly unhealthy co-dependent us-against-the-world relationships

  • magical mishaps, werewolves, dreamsharing, telepathy, soul bonding, myths and legends, prophecies, all things paranormal and otherworldly

  • soulmate-identifying marks, canon divergence, daemon AUs, role-reversal AUs

  • epistolary stories, casefic, interactive fiction, five things fic, holiday stories

  • happy (or at least hopeful) endings

  • DNWs:
  • rape/non-con, non-canonical character death, descriptions of self-harm and/or disordered eating, and abuse

  • A/B/O, D/s universes, age regression, ageplay, humiliation, mpreg, scat, bestiality, torture

  • AUs aside from those mentioned in the "Things I love" section

  • crossovers

  • unhappy endings

  • Other things:
  • I read across all ratings, so please don't feel compelled to either include or avoid NSFW stuff! Whatever you'd like is fine. I do prefer non-PWP fic; that said, I'm totally fine with PWPs when the sex is paired with one of the tropes I've listed in my likes.

  • Past tense and present tense are both fine by me!

  • On to the fandoms!

    Dragon Age - All Media Types

    Fandom-specific likes: Kirkwall (I know), Serault (I know), Black Emporium mishaps, friendmances and rivalmances alike
    Fandom-specific DNWs: Cassandra as Divine, Hawke giving Fenris to Danarius, Hawke giving Isabela to the Arishok, Hawke killing any companions, anyone dying in the Deep Roads, Hawke left in the Fade (and not somehow finding her way out)

    Feel free to use your own Hawke, Marquis, or Inquisitor, or a default, or a new one altogether! I do have a preference for purple!Hawke, but otherwise, it's all good. I specified Marquise rather than Marquis in noms/requests, mainly because of the preexisting tags in the archive – if you'd rather write the Scholar than the Huntress, though, I'm totally okay with that!


    Female Hawke/Isabela
    I love this ship so much. Isabela coming back with the Tome, Isabela failing so hard at comfort after All That Remains, Isabela at Hawke's side for the final battle. I'd love something not long after they get together -- how things change between them, or how they don't -- or possibly something in those nebulous few years between Act II and Act III.

    Female Hawke/Varric Tethras
    Gosh, I don't know where to start with them because there's just so much potential! Hawke being embarrassingly into the steamy parts of Varric's friend-fiction about her, canon divergence where Varric is the one to pay the Hawkes' and Aveline's way into the city, being the only two in the party for Legacy, literally anything you want because I will love it.

    Isabela/Aveline Vallen
    I'm 100% always here for bickering, so this pairing is just so perfect to me. There's such genuine fondness between them (the "See? We love each other" line from Mark of the Assassin makes me so happy) and I would love to see the awkward, beautiful, horrific mess that would be Aveline trying to court Isabela. (Or would it be surprisingly un-awkward? That would be amazing, too.)

    Last Court

    The one thing I ask for in a Last Court fic is to keep it Serault-focused – there's so little fic for this game that I'm not really interested in AUs or fic set in other games. I'd happily accept any and all fic about weird magical hunting shenanigans, trying to discreetly hook up so as to not bring scandal upon the court, and/or desperate and dangerous quests while trying to prepare for the Divine's arrival.

    Marquise of Serault/The Dashing Outlaw
    The Dashing Outlaw's my fave from this game and I'm so sad she's not a romance option. I'd like to see the first encounter the two of them had – how did the Marquis(e) come to (sort of?) trust her? I'd also be interested in the two of them solving mysteries together (and also getting together, of course).

    Marquise of Serault/The Silent Hunter
    The Silent Hunter is so interesting to me – all the hints of his glorious past and here he is, just being mysterious in the forest. Anything with this pairing involving him acting as the bodyguard, or some kind of weird ritual magic shenanigans, would be fantastic.

    Marquise of Serault/The Wayward Bard
    I love the genuine affection the Bard seems to have for the Marquis(e)– he does take a knife for you about a hundred times in the run of a game, anyway. That's love, right? I'd love hurt/comfort involving one of those incidents, or after the rescue from the Horned Knight.


    Cassandra Pentaghast/Varric Tethras
    I love them so much! The bickering! So much bickering! And then Dorian being like “?? you're not together? how odd.” Because obviously they should be. Something I never tire of: fic where Varric writes things specifically for Cassandra, especially if it's secretly about them.

    Elder Scrolls

    Fandom-specific likes: thief characters, dungeon-crawling, joking references to ridiculous video game logic (like pausing the main questline indefinitely to go steal ash yams on Solstheim)
    Fandom-specific DNWs: Dark Brotherhood-centric things, siding with the vampires in Dawnguard, anything relating to the darker Daedric quests

    No preference for the Hero of Kvatch's gender, though I prefer a female Dragonborn. Any race is fine.


    Baurus/Hero of Kvatch | Champion of Cyrodiil
    I love them and there's so little fic. :( I'd love to see something set after the main questline – rebuilding Kvatch, maybe, or Baurus accompanying the Hero of Kvatch on their quests. (His slow realization that the Hero is also a big deal in the Thieves' Guild would be amazing, also.)


    Aela the Huntress/Mjoll the Lioness
    I just... feel like they would be super into one another, you know? Maybe Mjoll hires the Companions for help protecting Riften, and Aela is the one to take the contract. And maybe she's the one to find Mjoll's sword. And maybe she tries to recruit Mjoll into the Companions. And maybe they fall in love.

    Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Lydia
    Oh, my poor, long-suffering Lydia. I would love to see anything with her and her Thane – while making camp during a job, maybe, or celebrating a holiday, or fighting in/recovering from the battle for Whiterun.

    Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Serana
    Serana is just so great, and I'd love to see more of her adapting to the ways the world has changed over the centuries. With the Dragonborn by her side, of course. I'd prefer a Dragonborn who doesn't side with Harkon, but I'm totally down for post-Dawnguard questline vampire girlfriends.

    Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Teldryn Sero
    Solstheim is probably my favourite place in the game, and Teldryn is a big part of that for me. I'd honestly read anything and everything for this pairing – I'm always into the “oh, this is just another job, oh shit wait are these feelings? why am I feeling these feelings” dynamic, and this pairing just works so much for me on that level.

    Homer – Works

    Fandom-specific likes: adventure, against-all-odds quests, magic
    Fandom-specific DNWs: Zeus being Zeus

    I'm by no means a stickler for mythological, canonical, or historical accuracy: take as many liberties as you like!

    I requested Nausicaa & Calypso as well as Nausicaa/Calypso – honestly, I would just love a story about them together in absolutely any way you'd like it to play out. The Phaeacians get such a raw deal when they help Odysseus, and I've always envisioned a scenario where Poseidon continues to act against them, and Nausicaa remembers Odysseus's story and is like, 'hm, if a god is against us, maybe we need the help of a god to counter him,' and sets off to find Calypso (since, hey, Odysseus's story pretty much contained directions.)

    Alternatively: space AUs of mythological things are always fantastic. Honestly, though, if a fic contains these two in pretty much any context, I will be happy.

    Mass Effect

    Fandom-specific likes: xeno (obvs), sole survivor/colonist, earthborn/ruthless
    Fandom-specific DNWs: synthesis ending, renegade actions towards squadmates/crew

    Feel free to use default Shepard, your Shepard, any Shepard you can think of! The pre-service/psych profile combinations listed above are my favourites, but I'm totally here for any of them.

    Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian: No Shepard without Vakarian ;__; I just have a million and one feelings about this pairing and all of those feelings are intense and ridiculous. I'd prefer stuff set during the games for this pairing, especially during 2 – I love things set around the Archangel recruitment mission in particular. I also like (requited) pining set during 1, and epistolary stuff while Shepard's stuck on Earth at the beginning of 3, aaaand pretty much anything for them, honestly.

    Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian/Tali'Zorah nar Rayya: I honestly feel bad romancing either one of them now, since they hook up otherwise. Solution: OT3! Garrus and Shep helping Tali build a new life on Rannoch, or suit-linking, or the difficulties in finding a restaurant for date night for three people when one of them is probably the most famous person in the galaxy and also needs a decent levo meal option.

    Javik/Female Shepard: I'd love to see something with them after a post-Destroy ending – I tend to envision a Shepard who intended to die on the Crucible and has to face everything that comes after, along with a Javik who somehow ends up being the one to pick up the pieces. (Also: the Citadel DLC morning after with them is totally hilarious and I'd definitely be down for seeing how that hookup actually happened.)

    Kal'Reegar/Tali'Zorah nar Rayya: My request for this one is basically: oh, my heart, fix it please? I shipped it so hard, and then that email. But hey, maybe it was all just a misunderstanding! A misidentification, or Kal was headed undercover or something, he's totally fine. Alternatively: suit-linking, I'm just saying.

    Miranda Lawson/Female Shepard: Miranda is the love of my life and the fact that I can't romance her as F!Shep causes me no end of sadness. I'd love something about them reconnecting after ME3, or something epistolary during that game while Miranda's on the run. Or! ME2 fic where Miranda really regrets getting Shepard's personality just right, because Shepard is the worst, definitely the worst, definitely not someone Miranda's got a crush on, nope.

    Thane Krios/Female Shepard : I actually kind of love the way their romance plays out? I like how it gets so intense so quickly, I like that Thane gets to be a big damn hero, I like when they have reunion sex in the hospital and then Shepard's like 'round two?' and Thane's like 'Shepard I am literally dying,' I like the weird way Citadel ends for Thane-romancers. I'd love to see something with them possibly in ME2, where they're starting to realize the whole feelings thing. Or! Remember when Mordin's like 'yeah, drell skin is hallucinogenic'? Totally down for that coming into play in some form or another.

    Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater

    Fandom-specific likes: ghosts, magic, dreams, tarot
    Fandom-specific DNWs: negativity about any of these characters

    Basically: I ship the ot5 in any variation. Their love for one another is my favourite thing and I will be thrilled with any of them in any combination. Rather than specific prompts, I'm just including particular lines from the books that made me go ! when I was reading them, because otherwise I'll just be a mess of feelings trying to pinpoint exactly what I like about each relationship. If you'd like more of a plot than "augh, feelings," for any of these I am always up for “oh no we touched this magical artifact and now we're married on the astral plane,” kiss proxies/conduit fic, and monster-of-the-week kinds of stories.

    Noah Czerny/Blue Sargent
    He mumbled, “I’d ask you out, if I was alive.”

    Nothing was fair.

    “I’d say okay,” she replied.

    Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Blue Sargent
    Finally, they regarded Gansey’s bed, which was just a barely made mattress and box spring on a metal stand. It sat in a square of sunlight in the middle of the room, turned at an angle as if it had been driven into the building. Without any particular discussion, they curled on top of the blanket, each taking one of Gansey’s pillows. It felt illicit and drowsy. Only inches away, Noah blinked sleepily at her. Blue crumpled the edge of the sheet against her nose. It smelled like mint and wheatgrass, which was to say, like Gansey.

    Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish/Blue Sargent
    “You can be just friends with people, you know,” Orla said. “I think it’s crazy how you’re in love with all those raven boys.”

    Orla wasn’t wrong, of course. But what she didn’t realize about Blue and her boys was that they were all in love with one another. She was no less obsessed with them than they were with her, or one another, analyzing every conversation and gesture, drawing out every joke into a longer and longer running gag, spending each moment either with one another or thinking about when next they would be with one another.

    Richard Gansey III/Adam Parrish
    Just like they couldn’t talk about Adam stealing the Camaro that night. Or about him basically doing everything Gansey had asked him not to. If Adam was stupid about his pride, Gansey was stupid about Adam.

    Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch
    Just then, in that moment, the thought of Gansey leaving for D.C. without him was unbearable. They had been a two-headed creature for so long, Ronan-and-Gansey. He couldn’t say it, though. There were a thousand reasons why he couldn’t say it.

    Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish
    Ronan’s second secret was Adam Parrish. Adam was different since making the bargain with Cabeswater. Stronger, stranger, farther away. It was hard not to stare at the odd and elegant lines of his face.

    I think that's finally it! Thank you so much for writing for me -- I really appreciate it, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. ♥
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