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Hello, Yuletide writer! First things first: I'm nausicaa over at AO3. Next up: I'm firmly in the Optional Details Are Optional camp, so no worries if you want to give this letter a skip.

A few other dnws: non-canonical character death (although if we matched on Lighthouse, don't worryy about it) or graphic depictions of gore, torture, or violence. I don't generally like unhappy endings, although again, I'm much more open to unhappiness where Lighthouse is concerned. I'm not really into PWPs, and I would rather not read anything in an a/b/o universe or a D/s or BDSM universe.

Now that that's out of the way -- likes! Last year's list was "canonical or AU magic universes, worldbuilding, myths and legends, good things happening to good people, fluff, hurt/comfort, vampires, adventures, firsts," and all of that still stands! I also like gen and romance, paranormal stories, happy (or at least hopeful) endings, mysteries, the found family trope, silly adventures, pining, misunderstandings, bittersweet or wistful feelings that turn out okay in the end, epistolary stories, holidays, werewolves, science fiction, fantasy, five things fics, and witches, among other things.

I've added some prompts for each fandom in case you need a jump-start, but if you've got a different direction you want to go in, ignore them, please! I'm excited to see what you write. :D

Fandom specifics:

Strange Frame: Love & Sax
Requested characters: Parker C. Boyd, Naia X.

Strange Frame has so many of my interests rolled up into one movie: a lesbian relationship, rich worldbuilding, messages sent through dreams, singing muses, AI shenanigans, and misfits on spacecrafts, to name a few. I'd love anything exploring or expanding on this universe, especially post-canon.

I requested Parker and Naia because I enjoy their relationship a lot; while I requested only them, I'd be happy to see any of the other characters appear.

Some ideas:

  • Parker and Naia on the run. I'd imagine their lives aren't suddenly free of complications once Naia's free, after all.

  • Something from the movie told from Naia's POV rather than Parker's (how they met, what she sees when she dreams, her rescue -- anything!) The bit that always gets me in this movie is Parker's dream sequence where Naia tells her something along the lines of I didn't leave you, I was taken from you, and I would love to see those feelings explored.

  • Something dealing with the fallout from the movie's events, focused on Naia's recovery.

  • A post-canon encounter with the muses.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Requested characters: Gina Linetti, Ray Holt, Terry Jeffords, Rosa Diaz

    This show is my happy place -- it's so funny and well-written, and I love the cameraderie between the characters. I requested these four because they're my favourites (especially Gina!), but I really do love all of the main characters, and am totally fine with it if you want to include them (or if you want to focus on just one or two of the ones I've nominated). Oh, and I should probably note that I'm keeping up with the new season, so no worries on spoilers. :)

    I'm open to most ships involving the main characters (especially femslash), but I'd prefer not to see Holt and his husband or Terry and his wife split up.


  • An escalating prank war, and the ensuing hijinks. I realize it's basically been done a few times on the show already, but I never get sick of it!

  • Undercover marriage/relationships. I know there are already a bunch of stories with this premise out there, but it's a trope that I never get enough of.

  • Any AU! I get such a kick out of these characters and would love to see what they would be like in other contexts -- paranormal investigators, maybe, or a D&D-style adventuring party, or a musical group who's trying to beat their rivals (the firefighters, naturally) at the battle of the bands. Or anything at all!

  • Casefic is always good, and I'd love one where Gina has to play a big role for some reason.

  • Lighthouse - Hush Sound (song)
    Requested characters: Narrator, Ghost

    I love ghost stories, and this song is so lovely and haunting that I can't help but want more. And I think there are a few interesting threads in the lyrics that could be explored:

  • why the narrator and the person she's singing to are looking for safety (things sound pretty post-apocalyptic in that first verse!)

  • the narrator's first encounter with the ghost

  • the backstory given to the ghost -- there's lots of room for creativity there, since the time period and specifics aren't mentioned

  • the twist at the end of the song (and what happens next)

  • As mentioned earlier, obviously my aversion to character death doesn't apply to this fandom. I'd still appreciate a lack of gore or torture, which aren't my favourite horror tropes. (Atmospheric and psychological horror, though? Totally my jam, if you're in the mood to make the yuletide creepy.) Oh, and I'd prefer a story about interpretations of these characters, not RPF with the band members in the roles, also.

    Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated
    Requested characters: Velma Dinkley, Marcie "Hot Dog Water" Fleach

    I put this one last because it has major canon spoilers -- if you're letter browsing and haven't watched this yet, but think you might sometime (and you should! it's absolutely fantastic!), you should probably stop here!

    What can I say? These two are an oasis of sweetness in a surprisingly dark canon, and I adore them. I'd love to see something that has them puzzling something out together, whether that's a mystery or a kickass science fair project or their feelings. A few prompts:

  • Marcie doesn't leave Mystery Incorporated after Daphne comes back, and starts to feel more and more conflicted about her role as a double agent.

  • Harry Potter AU where Marcie and Velma are rivals from different houses who get stuck working together in Potions class.

  • Post-finale Marcie remembering pieces of the other timeline (possibly including her death?)

  • Post-finale Velma trying to figure out where her and Marcy stand in the new timeline (maybe she doesn't remember everything that this timeline's Velma has done).

  • That's it! I'm so excited to have you write for me, and I can't wait to read your fic. ♥

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