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dear yuletide writer 2015

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, and thank you in advance! I'm [ profile] nausicaa and I am, as always, ridiculously excited for Yuletide! I've put together this post in case you're like me and love reading letters, but won't be at all bothered if you skip it altogether.

Things I love:
  • time travel, groundhog day, bodyswap, snowed in/trapped together stories, heists, road trips, fake/undercover dating

  • found families, totally-requited secret pining, UST, firsts, slightly unhealthy co-dependent us-against-the-world relationships

  • magical mishaps, werewolves, dreamsharing, telepathy, soul bonding, myths and legends, prophecies, all things paranormal and otherworldly

  • soulmate-identifying marks, canon divergence, daemon AUs, role-reversal AUs, space AUs

  • epistolary stories, casefic, interactive fiction, five things fic, holiday stories

  • happy (or at least hopeful) endings

  • DNWs:
  • rape/noncon, major character death (though obviously from my fandoms, canon ghosts are great), descriptions of disordered eating and/or self-harm, abuse

  • A/B/O, D/s universes, age regression, ageplay, humiliation, mpreg, scat, bestiality, torture

  • AUs aside from those mentioned in the "Things I love" section

  • crossovers

  • Don't worry about limiting yourself to anything on my likes!

    Other things:
  • I read across all ratings, so please don't feel compelled to either include or avoid NSFW stuff! Whatever you'd like is fine. I do prefer non-PWP fic; that said, I'm totally fine with PWPs when the sex is paired with one of the tropes I've listed in my likes.

  • Ships and gen are both awesome and I will happily read either/both! I like femslash, het, and slash but am just as happy with gen, I promise. That said, if I've requested characters who are explicitly in a relationship in canon (specifically: Parker and Naia), I'd rather not see them broken up, though I'm fine with their relationship not being the focus.

  • Past tense and present tense are both fine by me!

  • I've included prompts for each fandom in case you'd like a starting point, but please don't feel you need to stick to those. I'm not committed to them in the slightest -- feel free to play loosely with them, change them, or ignore them entirely.

    Strange Frame: Love & Sax
    Parker C. Boyd, Naia X.

    Strange Frame has so many of my interests rolled up into one movie: a lesbian relationship, rich worldbuilding, messages sent through dreams, singing muses, AI shenanigans, and misfits on spacecrafts, to name a few. I'd love anything exploring or expanding on this universe, especially post-canon.

    I requested Parker and Naia because I enjoy their relationship a lot -- Parker's against-all-odds determination to rescue Naia is so, so great. I'd be happy to see any of the movie's other characters make guest appearances, though!


  • Parker and Naia on the run. I'd imagine their lives aren't suddenly free of complications once Naia's free, after all.

  • Something from the movie seen from Naia's POV rather than Parker's (how they met, what she sees when she dreams, her rescue -- anything!) The bit that always gets me in this movie is Parker's dream sequence where Naia tells her something along the lines of I didn't leave you, I was taken from you, and I would love to see those feelings explored.

  • A post-canon encounter with the Muses would be cool -- I'm sure Parker and Naia could use a little guidance in the aftermath of everything.

  • Blackwell Series
    Lauren Blackwell, Joey Mallone

    Despite being very much a sunshine-and-rainbows person, sometimes I just crave a certain blend of heartbreak and melancholy. I love the whole series, but Blackwell Unbound -- and particularly Lauren -- hit that blend perfectly for me. Lauren's growing apathy and Joey's helplessness hurt me just right, you know? Forced proximity is a trope I like a lot in general, and it really works for me here because it makes everything so much more tense. I also love the blending of real world elements, like the inclusion of Gould and Mitchell, and the way even the little details tie into the larger world of the series.

    I'd love to see a story focused on Lauren and Joey and the relationship between them (whether that's romantic or platonic or anything under the sun, really). I'd prefer something set near the events of Unbound (so, somewhere in the early-to-mid 70s), unless you feel like going the other way altogether and figuring out some paranormal time-travel post-Epiphany hijinks.

  • Paranormal casefic is always right up my alley, whether the ghost being investigated is creepy as hell or more Georgie in variety.

  • What do the holidays look like when you're an increasingly nihilistic medium who lives with a ghost from the 1930s?

  • ...I'm not going to lie, I wrote the words "paranormal time-travel post-Epiphany hijinks" above and then went "yeah, that goes on the prompt list." Basically, some post-series fix-it fic of some sort would be really cool, and I'd also be up for seeing how Joey deals with (without being too spoilery!) the new circumstances the game ended with.

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
    Lucy Muir, Daniel Gregg

    Speaking of craving a certain blend of heartbreak and melancholy! (And ghosts!) This movie's one of my forever favourites, and holds such a special place in my heart. Lucy is so great -- "Haunted, how perfectly fascinating!" -- and I love the back-and-forth between her and Daniel, the way things build between them.

    While my prompts below don't explicitly mention it, I'm definitely down for anything set at any point during or after the movie. Oh! And I should probably mention that I've never read the book or seen the TV series, so references to either will be lost on me.

  • In the years between, does Lucy ever "dream" of Daniel again? And what does Daniel do during all those years, anyway?

  • If you want to take this in a totally different direction, I'm a total sucker for the "reincarnations of two characters falling in love all over again" trope. Starship Captain Gregg in the 26th century finding something strangely familiar about the passenger he's just taken on? Go for it!

  • I'd also be totally interested in seeing an excerpt of Lucy's book, if epistolary stuff is your cup of tea!

  • Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
    Noah Czerny, Blue Sargent, Richard Gansey III

    What I love most about this series is how fiercely the main five love one another and how that love bleeds into everything they do. And if you have been reading the other fandom sections, you will already guess what I am about to say: I love ghost characters so much, you guys. I'm really interested in the way spirits and magic work with (or against, or outside of) time and geography -- this series does such interesting things in that regard. I've basically requested these three characters for, unsurprisingly, ghostly reasons, and how they tie the three together: Blue and Gansey being the ones to find Noah's body and realizing he's a ghost, Blue meeting Gansey's spirit before she ever met him, Gansey's life coming at the cost of Noah's, Blue making Noah stronger.

    Also, kissing. I am also definitely here for the kissing. (Or not-kissing, as the case may be.)

  • A repeat of Blue and Noah's kiss in Gansey's bed, only with Gansey present this time. (In, like, an enthusiastic participant way, I mean.)

  • Blue's planning to ask Glendower for Gansey's life, and Gansey's planning to ask for Noah's. I'd love to see Noah being the one to earn the favour, and what he would ask for.

  • Any kind of role reversal AU where Noah is alive and one of the others is a ghost. (If you want to include Adam and Ronan in the switch-up, that's awesome -- I'd definitely love to see what Blue would pull out of dreams, or what would have happened if Gansey had made the sacrifice, or pretty much any play on the canon roles.) Accidental powers/role swap due to magical hijinks would be great, too.

  • That's about it! Letters for other years and exchanges can be found here, if you're interested. Thank you again! I can't wait to see what you write.