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wintersend exchange!

Hey, Wintersend writer/artist! I'm nausicaa over on AO3 and adaaration on tumblr, and I'm ridiculously excited for this exchange.

You should probably know that I'm impossible to disappoint, and will not be slighted whatsoever if you ignore this letter entirely -- I've put it together in case you need inspiration, but if you've got your own ideas, I would absolutely love to see them!

I like: femslash, gen, happy endings (almost all of the time), all things paranormal and otherworldly, pining, misunderstandings, firsts, "wow we really shouldn't have touched this mysterious artifact in the Black Emporium" and other magical mishaps, werewolves, undercover dating, dreamsharing, and canon-typical quests/adventures -- among many, many other things!

I can go either way on nsfw stuff -- please don't feel compelled to either include or avoid it! Whatever you're comfortable with. I've played through all the games and DLC multiple times, but I haven't read most of the comics, sadly, so I won't recognize nods to that.

Things I requested:


Signup description: Their banter is one of my favourite parts of the game, if not the series as a whole -- I love the way their bickering evolves into friendship and mutual respect. I am 100% here for it also leading to smooches. I'd love to see something set in Kirkwall between act 2 and act 3, especially if it involves them figuring out where they stand with one another.

Other ideas:
  • Isabela playing with Aveline's hair.

  • Isabela shows up to Aveline's office for a favour; the bargaining process gets interesting.

  • Isabela and Aveline end up bodyswapped and have to try to hide it for some reason.

  • Isabela helps Aveline during Starkhaven's attempted invasion.

  • The Huntress/The Dashing Outlaw

    Signup description: So, what's happening in Serault during the events of Inquisition? From the war table missions it looks like business as usual, but I'd love to see some specifics. Perhaps the Outlaw alerts the Huntress to some particularly strange fade activity, and they investigate together?

    I am totally happy for gen for this pairing, I should note, since that request wasn't exactly specific. Basically, I'd just love to see them dealing with extra-strange things.

    Other ideas:
  • Something post-game where the Divine's visit doesn't go so well for either/both.

  • The Dashing Outlaw leaves a particularly interesting note for the Huntress.

  • The Huntress brings the Outlaw out with her on a hunt.

  • The Huntress is invited to represent Serault at the Winter Palace during the Wicked Eyes & Wicked Hearts quest in DAI; the Dashing Outlaw accompanies her.

  • Mhairi

    Signup description: Of all the 'here's a character you're gonna regret getting attached to' characters, Mhairi is my favourite. I would like to see her live. That's pretty much my request: MHAIRI LIVES.

  • How would she get along with her fellow Wardens? I imagine she and Velanna, in particular, would have a very prickly, complicated relationship.

  • Mhairi taking a central role in subsequent Warden moments in DA2/DAI (Full permission to make me cry with Here Lies the Abyss.)

  • What would her personal quest be? What presents does she get from the Warden-Commander? What makes her approval change? I need to knooooow, oh Mhairi, we could have had it all ;__;

  • Mhairi falls in love! (Possible contenders off the top of my head: Bethany, Velanna, Sigrun, Merrill, Cassandra. But I will be happy with any lady from this series, really. Your choice!)

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