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Yuletide reveals: I wrote 'cause hopeless isn't true (Hawksley Workman's Treeful of Starling) -- I was so, so happy to write fic about this album, you have no idea. I caught a show when he was touring for that album and it was one of the brightest spots during a tough time for me, and listening to those songs now always brings back a little of that brightness, and it turns out that writing about them does the same. ♥

And, for a Madness treat, I wrote hallo, Yuletide writer (The Vestibules' Zalgon 26 McGee skit), because apparently I can't get enough of writing for tiny Canadian things. :D (And because, I mean, Zalgon 26 McGee.)


Happy new year, also! 2014 was Not My Best Year, but I ended it with my bff and her family, eating delicious food and poking holes in the science of The 100 (and then delightedly watching more of it), and then with some of my other friends, playing Catchphrase and laughing at some of the Newfoundland town names that came up during the local station's new year's greetings. (Who names a town Eric?) So it was a nice end to a not-so-nice year, and as always, I'm hopeful for this one.

Oh! I'm possibly starting classes again on Monday, because a) I'm incapable of not yo-yoing between being a dropout, b) I'm miraculously still down as being a registered student and don't need to reapply, c) I realized I only need 13 courses to graduate, and that's totally doable in a year, and d) if nothing else, it'll get rid of the gap in my resume (and probably, y'know, look better than 'yeah I never finished, again, yolo I guess'). I still haven't made a decision -- that'll come in the eleventh hour, I expect, once I have another look at financial stuff -- but ugh if I don't get to take this one ancient Israel course I will proooobably cry.

I think that's all that's happening in my life, aside from frantically trying to create a decent selection of things I can sell at the con in April. :D: Also: video games. So many video games. One of my resolutions for this year is to only play through one save of each game I own, start to finish -- I'm not allowed to create new characters until I've done everything in a game, because I keep abandoning my progress in favour of making shiny new OCs. /o\ I'm excited to do a new Dragon Age playthrough, though, especially since I can right all the wrongs I made in my Keep state so I never have THAT ONE AWFUL CHOICE ever again. (That one. You know the one.)

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