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yuletide recs my "I'm going to post here about Dragon Age!" thing turned into "I've been too emotionally devastated by my own poor Dragon Age decisions to chronicle them," oops. Basically: hi, flist, I've been in a Dragon Age cave of emotions for a month, broken only by the holidays and (more importantly) Yuletide! Which means IT IS REC TIME, oh yes.

First up is my gift, which was amazing: Who You Gonna Call? - ~4400 words of Brooklyn Nine-Nine casefic, in which they are UNDERCOVER GHOSTBUSTERS. Pretty much all I've ever wanted out of a B99 fic (or any fic in general, tbh). The dialogue is perfect to the point where I'm like, remembering scenes from it and thinking, that was an episode, right?

I also got a fantastic treat: soft as a siren - ~1300 words of fic based around the Hush Sound's 'Lighthouse,' and seriously, you guys, when I wrote my letter I never specified exactly what I like about psychological horror, so I'm truly amazed that this writer managed to hit every single button I have in that genre. If you want to be creeped out in the best possible way, this is the story for you.

A few other recs:

Tactical Disadvantage - Blue Beetle, Jaime/Brenda/Paco, ~3700 words. Super-cute fumbling towards an ot3; very funny and sweet and spot-on character voices.

From Just One Spark - Fast & Furious 6, Gisele/Han, ~3100 words. Awesome post-movie fix-it fic! :DDDD

Desperately Seeking Spielberg - Guardians of the Galaxy, gen, ~1600 words. Peter tells the crew more tales of Kevin Bacon, and other assorted earth heroes (Marty McFly!)

don't shake it (to the beat) - Nancy Drew video games, gen, ~2300 words. If you have ever played these games (or read a Nancy Drew book, or played any hidden object game for that matter) you will enjoy this.

When There's Nothing Left to Burn - Nimona, Ballister/Goldenloin, ~18500 words. Post-canon fic of my HEART, aughhhhh.

The Frantic Chase, The Crazy Ride - Road to El Dorado, gen, ~2400 words. Really charming Miguel and Tulio meet-cute, involving prison breaks and shenanigans (as all meet-cutes should).

We Shall Never Lack the Means of Life - Spiders Georg + Dracula, Renfield/Spiders Georg, ~1800 words. I'm dying, you guys, this is fabulous.

Snowbound - X-23, Laura/Jubilee, ~2600 words. Confessing feelings while trapped in a snowstorm is one of my favourite tropes, and this is one of my favourite pairings, and this is just perfect, ahhhh.

I still have so much to read, ahh!