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To be edited as I play! (Which will hopefully be in, oh, 18 hours. Not that I'm counting.) There will be spoilers, but everything will be behind a cut.

eta 1 so I THOUGHT I was being very responsible and clever by removing the temptation of a midnight release when I had things to do today, but I got home at 5:30 and OH MY GOD EXHAUSTED. I've played for around three hours and I have no idea how combat and crafting work (my eyes glazed at all the tutorial reading) and I've just been wandering around the Hinterlands picking every plant I see, which I feel is a good starting point maybe. Oh, and I picked rogue by mistake? HOW EVEN. But by the time I realized I hadn't picked mage, I was too attached to the (adorable) face I'd created. So whatever, my inquisitor is a dual-wielding Dalish elf who is cute as hell and takes no shit.

In other news (proper spoilers start here, be warned!) the highlight so far for me was asking Varric about what happened to all of his and Hawke's friends. :3 ADMIRAL Isabela, who may or may not just still be a captain with a very large hat. Merrill and Bethany and Fenris helping various people! Aveline still trying to fight the good fight in Kirkwall (poor thing). Sebastian is gone off to be boring, apparently, which made me snicker. (By the time recruiting Sebastian was an option in my canon playthrough, my Hawke was just like 'NOPE, I NEED LESS POLITICAL DRAMA AND LESS CHANTRY DRAMA IN MY LIFE AND I AM PRETTY SURE I DON'T GET THAT BY BEFRIENDING CHURCHY PRINCES' and just never took him anywhere except on his own quests.)

And on that note, I am going the fuck to sleep! \o/ More when I am COHERENT oh my god